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StressWinner is dedicated to offering simple, practical information and training about  the symptoms and management of stress and anxiety.  It is tailored for people of different ages and in a wide range of situations and jobs and it provides many coping skills made memorable with a simple visual model. Information about Stress is available in different degrees of detail, from pamphlets and phone apps to booklets and books, to large manuals in Print, Audio, Video. Training Program and Workshop formats are also available.  StressWinner has adapted its tools and training for different Ages, Occupations, Illnesses, and Situations as well for Mental Health Professionals to use in their practices. StressWinner founder Dr. David Rainham has been a Family Physician for over 30 years. Early in his career he noted that stress, anxiety and depression were a major component of about 80% of doctor visits. The majority of his patients with unpleasant and sometimes frightening symptoms had no specific physical disease but were suffering from anxiety and tension resulting from a wide variety of stresses.  It also became clear that stress interferes with healthy habits, playing a major role in every illness from heart disease to diabetes, as well as destroying lasting happiness. He began by simply teaching relaxation techniques, then developed a simple model of stress that makes it easy to remember and practice the many other strategies people can use to take control of their reactions to life’s problems.  Dr. Rainham created StressWinner to make widely available a variety of simple and practical resources on stress and resilience for both the public and professionals. There is a comprehensive array of print, audio and video tools, as well as training programs.  The materials are used by individuals and corporations across the country and internationally. Dr. Rainham is a regular speaker on the topic of stress and resilience  He has appeared in magazines, radio and TV, and for five years wrote a weekly newspaper column on stress.   Dr. Rainham is a 1968 graduate of the Welsh National School of Medicine in the U.K.. In addition to his General Medical Practice, he was an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Practice of University of Western Ontario for 23 years, and is a Fellow of The American Institute of Stress.