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“I have been absolutely blown away  by the impact the course material has had on people in my classroom.  It’s  a lifeline for many people who were  terrified about their physical or  mental health, thinking there was  something wrong with them.    I have had participants leave with  their manuals hugged to their chest.   They found hope in what they  learned from StressWinner.”   StressWinner Trainer.
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Stress Reduction Training Instructor
StressWinnerTM Stress Reduction Training Instructor 16 hours Includes all participant materials Suggested Age: 18+ Ideal for anyone who has large numbers of people they would like to train. Participants will be equipped as Instructors and Authorized Providers of the StressWinner Training curriculum which allows them to schedule their own courses and order all necessary participant materials. Instructors can provide in-house training for organizations they already belong to or use it as an income opportunity for themselves. They can provide the training through non-profit organizations to at-risk populations or to friends and family, and much more. Onsite instructor training is available to groups with four or more participants. Whether you wish to have four individuals within your own organization trained, or if you have gathered a group of interested people together, you can save money by providing the classroom and having the instructor come to you!
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